Elizabeth Holland - Master Trainer

Elizabeth Holland’s experience in mind-body fitness began in 1986 as a young, training dancer, utilizing Pilates and Yoga technique as a means of conditioning and injury prevention. She continued her education and experiences with Pilates throughout her professional dancing and teaching career to eventually become certified by the Physicalmind Institute in 2001.
Elizabeth sought GYROTONIC® methodology as therapy following years of dance injuries and injuries resulted from a fall during pregnancy and a later auto accident. She was so impressed with the healing qualities and relief of pain she experienced that she went on to become certified in the method in 2002. She has since continued her studies further under the tutelage of the system's inventor, Juliu Horvath, to become one of 200 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainers worldwide. Elizabeth is certified to teach all of the Specialized Equipment, is a GYROTONIC® Level 2 Pretrainer, and is trained extensively in GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Applications.

The scope of Elizabeth’s experience includes work with clients ranging from professional, training, and retired dancers, performers & athletes, to those seeking relief from chronic pain and injury & the elderly, and to the average individual seeking a means for looking and feeling better. Her commitment to her clientele is only exceeded by her dedication to continuing her education as the methodology behind GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise evolves. She seeks to create an experience based upon each individual’s specific needs, relying upon knowledge and intuition.​

Wendy Denn - Certfied GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, Yoga & Qi Gong Instructor

Wendy Denn had an extensive career in the fields of hospitality, leadership development, and teaching that took her throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. She is now a happy resident of Cape Cod Massachusetts and part time resident of Englewood, Florida. The ocean is her happy place!

 Several years ago she found her way back to a consistent movement practice with yoga. Retirement was clearly not in her makeup, and being a lifelong learner, she became a certified instructor. After many specialty yoga certifications (including Get Fit Where You Sit Chair Yoga®, Yin Yoga, Healing Trauma Through Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Depression and Restorative Yoga) as well as Medical QiGong, Wendy sought out the GYROTONIC® Method in an attempt to find relief from chronic back and hip pain. After just two sessions on the Pulley Tower, she was relatively pain-free and completely in love with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

 Three years later Wendy became a certified trainer in the GYROKINESIS®® Method and recently completed GYROTONIC® Foundation Teacher Training. She brings learning from all areas of her life to her passion for teaching affordable, private and group classes in Massachusetts and Florida.  

 Whether you are new to The GYROKINESIS® Method or the GYROTONIC Expansion System® or want to deepen your practice, Wendy looks forward to helping you explore your full potential on your journey towards continued health and contentment.

Vanda Azevedo - Certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer,  Raw Food Coach and Detox Specialist

Vanda Azevedo's journey into fitness and wellness began as a child, training as a Gymnast in 1978. Her gymnastics practice led her into dance training in 1984. Vanda danced professionally with the esteemed Martha Graham Company in New York City from 1985-1990, where her training in the Pilates method of exercise began. She worked as a Certified Personal Trainer under famed fitness Guru, Jack LaLanne, from 1984-1986, and at the end of her career in dance, Vanda worked as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Assistant Manager at the highly acclaimed Lucille Roberts Gym in Manhattan.

While working in the world of dance and fitness, Vanda studied coursework in Psychology, Anatomy, Child Psychology, Science, Languages and Dance at Nassau Community College in Long Island NY. She completed her Master of Arts Degree at NYU with a Major in Language and a Minor in Dance in 1990.

As a performer and athlete who had suffered a poor diet, Vanda's interests in wellness turned to healthy eating and food preparation. She received a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from SUNY Farmingdale in 1993, and continued to study healthy dietary practices to become a Certified Raw Food Coach, Detox Specialist, Iridology Practitioner, and Raw Food Chef. From 2000 to present, Vanda has successfully run a business specializing in personalized, one-on-one programs in healthy eating for individuals and families, public presentations and cooking lessons for healthy food preparation, all while renovating standards for enhanced flavor in raw foods and developing her own alternative recipes of haute cuisine.

Vanda seeks to influence her clients with fitness and wellness practices that will help them become their best selves, both inside and out, and in Body and Mind. She and her husband relocated to the Venice area in 2018, and she is excited to bring all of her years of experience in working with others, along her own personal health and wellness practices, to the Gulf Coast of Florida.