"My training with Elizabeth Holland has done more to reverse years of spine, hip, knee, shoulder damage from gymnastics, work overuse and high diving injuries in the last 4 months than 40 years of physical therapy, massage, Pilates training and yoga. I love the daily practice and results of spine mobilization and hip narrowing she carefully teaches me without injury. Elizabeth is the most effective, safe, painless, encouraging Master Trainer I have ever experienced and recommend her Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis training to my friends and patients." - Dr. Cristina Babiak, MD

"Elizabeth ROCKS!!! I injured my back, MRI shows Bulging L4, ruptured L5. Although I figured out how to manage and avoid flare-ups, I believe in healing and am looking for a natural cure. My back is feeling more flexible and less pain since over 2yrs ago when I injured it! Not only is Elizabeth a knowledgeable Gyrotonic Trainer with clear, precise, hands on guidance, she's fun to laugh with!" - Lana DeVettori, LMT and owner of Beach Life Wellness

"I started with Elizabeth Holland at Suncoast Center for Movement in Venice, FL about 3 years ago. I went initially because I had been suffering from Sciatica for more than a year and after trying numerous therapies I was still in pain. As a yoga teacher I had been able to manage my symptoms but I could not correct them. After two sessions with Elizabeth I realized how much pain I had actually been in and how compromised I really was because I was completely pain free. I felt fabulous! No pain and greater range of motion and flexibility. My balance was better and my more than occasional headaches were gone. I didn't stop taking sessions after the improvement, I kept going, I still go and I continue to get stronger. And it's fun! Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable and caring and her follow through with her clients is exceptional. She inspired me to become certified as a GYROKINESIS® Method trainer and I will continue to train & learn with her. If you have never heard of the GYROTONIC® Method, do it anyway! It's perfect for almost any age or ability. Your body and spirit will thank you." - Wendy Denn, Gentle Joy Yoga

"I was very pleased to have experienced several sessions of Pilates & Gyrotonic method with Elizabeth. She was patient & thorough. Her dedication to my safety & fitness was obvious. During my time in Venice, I experienced complications of a back fracture sustained years ago. Elizabeth & Gyrotonic exercise really helped me overcome my pain. I will return to Suncoast Center for Movement Venice when I am back in FL" Dianne Meltzer, retired

"Elizabeth is so knowledgable, and tailors her sessions to you. She has helped my back tremendously, and is skilled in working with my issues. She is fun, energetic, and my sessions fly by even though I am working hard! I am never in pain or too sore after sessions because she really knows what she is doing. I leave her studio standing taller, feeling better, and knowing I am in good hands!" - Lisa Levinson, Facilitator/Mediator

"Elizabeth Holland is a Master Trainer in the Gyrotonic Method. This intensive training program has given her the ability to work with people of all fitness levels, progress clients in the exercises in a safe and effective way, and create a fun atmosphere! Elizabeth also utilizes her years of dance, yoga, and Pilates to help her clients experience the best possible workout for them. Book a session with her now!" - Lynn Hocker, LMT & owner of Innerwave Bodywork​​​​​​​